SPD Open House

Wild Barley is proud to be part of the SPD Open House on 4 March at 2 Peng Nguan Street, joining other volunteers and participants to bring a fun-filled day to all who visited. This event is to support the cause of helping people with disabilities to integrate into the society. 

The day was wet, and humid, but it didn't stop the visitors from having fun and buying crafts and snacks to bring home. Visiting guests were able to make a pledge , and also join the Tiong Bahru Inclusion Trail which took them to heritage sites, unique architectures, hipster cafes and specialty stores unique to the estate. There was a live band singing, balloons and game stalls for the visitors to take part in. Visitors are also encouraged to complete missions along each pit stop at the trail to collect puzzle pieces for the inclusion puzzle at the finishing line.

Wild Barley was there to share our offerings on healthy alternatives to the foods that we eat. We let everyone who came by our stall to taste snacks and products which are made of 100% food ingredients that does not contain any chemicals or flavourings. These chemicals are subtly added to all the processed food that we eat, like nuts, snack bars, ice creams, biscuits, and juices. Why do we want to eat chemical-laden foods when we can have a choice to eat natural, and organic food which tastes delicious and cost no more than what you usually pay.

People who came by the stall were all excited to taste the different nuts we offer from Vietnam that are 100% natural with the 3 BIG NOs: No Preservatives, No Colouring, No added flavourings, and best of all, our nuts are not bleached to make it look fashionably prettier to place on the shelves. We had organic ice cream tastings that were a hit with the kids and adults alike, and who's not to love ice cream on a humid day. They were able to buy small cups of ice cream to enjoy while browsing the other stalls. We get asked a lot on what's the difference between our organic ice cream and other ice cream. Other than using all 100% organic ingredients in our ice cream (it's USDA certified), Three Twins uses egg yolks to give the ice-cream a perfectly smooth, and non-icy texture instead of artificial emulsifying agents.

The Cello Whisps Cheese Crisps were everyone's all time favourite. It was a healthy cheesy crispy nibble that you can have it on your own or toss it with your salads and pasta. Since it was on special promotion on that day, we had everyone grabbing it before it was all sold out.

We are glad to be part of this good cause, and we are happy to have been part of a positive difference. 

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