Green is the New Black 2016

A curated platform featuring local fashion, art, beauty and lifestyle brands who are conscious and mindful in their business practices.


Wild Barley strongly believes in bringing clean, and chemical free food to the community. So when this event came to Singapore, we decided to be part of it to showcase and share the brands who share the same beliefs as us - Businesses who are conscious and mindful in their business practices so we can protect our environment for future generations to come.

We did ice cream tasting with USA's best selling organic ice cream - Three Twins. We brought 8 flavours and it was a hit with kids, and the bigger kids in all of us. It was amazing how people discovered that organic ice cream can taste so creamy and flavourful. All ingredients in the ice cream are 100% organic and it's also USDA certified.

With ice cream, you may think of snacks. Well, guess what, we also brought our 100% Parmesan Cheese chips - Cello Whisps for tasting. The chips are made from nothing else but cheese. A tasty, hearty and healthy snack filled with calcium and protein. Love your cheese? Then you will love this snack. Some bought a pack of the chips after tasting it at our booth, and after walking around, they came back for more. Who wouldn't? It's just too delicious.

With festivities around the corner, we think, why not serve drinks which are low in calories, healthy and yet, still have the same bubblies as a champagne? Well, we did. We introduced the first zero alcohol drink from Italy - Diferente. Served chilled with a raspberry, and you get a classy drink good enough to clink your way to the new year without the ill post-alcohol effects. The best thing is, it's also almost zero calories. Now who wouldn't love that. Those who tasted it at the show, loved that it tastes just like champagne, have the same bubblies and they can serve the drinks to kids and those who can't drink at parties and get-togethers. Now everyone can raise their glasses to a good year with a good cause. Cheers to that!


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