About Us


To live well, you have to eat healthy and well. In the wisdom of ages, good health is not the absence of disease, but the daily healthy lifestyle, and healthy mental attitude.


Wild Barley is founded by 3 people with a strong belief that there is a healthier choice to the food that we eat. We strive to make these options conveniently available for the community that we live in. 

As a consumer, you are getting more savvy in finding healthy food for yourself and your family. So you are looking for organic, and natural foods, free from chemicals, and any artificial additives and preservatives. You know that healthy food isn’t only about fresh food, but also prepared wholesome foods. So where can you get those conveniently? 

The team at Wild Barley is founded with a simple mission in mind; to source and provide the community with healthier choices to everyday foods. Even comfort food items like pasta sauces, juices, ice cream, snacks etc, are carefully sourced from all over the world. We personally conduct a taste test before we put it on the shelves for you.

At Wild Barley, we believe strongly in our mantra, Eat Well Live Well. We look forward to serving you and of course, you can always drop us a private message on Facebook or an email to sales@wildbarley.sg. We will be happy to have your suggestions to improve, and comments on the taste and quality of the products.